bug barrelWe have developed a small-scale domestic kit, which we have called the Bug-Barrell, that will allow people to grow their own BSF larvae. The domestic Bug-Barrell is designed for the recycling of food waste nutrients in a domestic setting.

The barrel should attract enough wild flies to keep your colony active and productive throughout the year to process approximately 2 kg of waste per day in hot climates. You can produce 200g of larvae per day that you can use as you wish, but always remember to return some to the bug-barrel to replenish the colony.

It will take you a short while to get the hang of raising the Black Soldier Fly but you will soon find that it is a fun and rewarding experience that can become incredibly ADDICTIVE.

All you need to do is place your bug-barrell in a shaded part of your garden (ideally, hang it from a tree), add a handful of kitchen scraps to the bottom of the barrel and place your larvae on top. Voila, you now have your very own protein factory!

For more information email Dorain @ creepy crawly feeders

bug barrell