In nature, there is no waste as everything has a use to one organism or another. This is widely referred to as the Biocycle. In this perfect system, nutrients are continuously recycled by being passed on through the different levels of the food chain. At BSF BioCycle, we use the larvae of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens) as the primary agent for turning waste into multiple high value components: protein (for animal feed), oil (for biodiesel and other feed products) as well as organic soil conditioners. Larvae can also be a source of valuable biotech products including beneficial enzymes. Instead of being treated as waste to be discarded, this ensures that nutrient and energy values are recovered to support new plant and animal life.

It is simple – the larvae eat the waste, the fish eats the larvae,  and humans eat the fish (of course we’ll make sure it is safe!) before producing waste for the next generation of larvae to grow on.

On each part of the journey the nutrient carriers (larvae, fish and person) use some of the nutrients for itself, but pass on the rest to the next in a complete Biocycle.

Nutrient recycling at home with BSF