BSF Biocycle – improving the sanitation of the poor, reducing waste and improving food security by developing a profitible and sustainable businesses model.

The ultimate goal of BSF BioCycle is the roll-out of successful and sustainable BSF businesses across the sanitation world, leading to a major impact on services for the poor. We have a five stage approach:

Biocycle approach

Phase 1 and 2 are complete. Phase 3 is currently underway, with Phase 4 to begin once pathogen trials are complete.

Our main focus is on the treatment of collected waste at different scales, from the micro (a few households) through  the small community to the large municipality.  Our key outcome at the end of Phase 3 will be a toolkit containing all the information – operating guidelines, process design and equipment, operating costs, product characterisation and revenues – that will be needed to launch a BioCycle Franchise Business anywhere on any scale.

Once we finalise the process technology the goal shifts to business creation. Showing people how to make money from insects through the biological processing of toilet resources . A programme of micro business roll out, making money for locals and increasing community sanitation.